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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

RTI Template for obtaining information from private companies


Date: 26 May 2009



Public Information Officer,

Address line 1

Address line 2

City, State.


1. Name of the Applicant: Mr.xxxxxxxxx


2. Address with Phone Number:

Address line 1

Address line 2

City, State.

Phone Number: xxxxxxxxxxxx


3. Particulars of the Information Required:

     Please provide information as per below list related to M/s.XXXX Ltd, (BSE Code: XXXX, Company CIN : AXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) having registered office at ADDRESS by obtaining information from the said entity under Section 2 [f] of RTI Act 2005, which is reproduced here under for your kind reference:


Section 2 [f] ”information" means any material in any form, including records, documents, memos, e-mails, opinions, advices, press releases, circulars, orders, logbooks, contracts, reports, papers, samples, models, data material held in any electronic form and information relating to any private body which can be accessed by a public authority under any other law for the time being in force;


Please provide the following details of XXXXXX S/o YYYYY, who is working as DESIGNATION in DEPARTMENT of XXXXX Ltd, ADDRESS and residing at ADDRESS, with relevant documents copy.

1.      Date of joining on the services with XXXX Ltd.

2.      Pay scale details with break up.

3.      Details of promotion and departmental enquires on him, if any

4.      Details of his official visits to Chennai from Aug 2005 to Mar 2009, with dates and purpose of the visit.

5.      Total amount paid to him as travel expenses, boarding expenses and Incidental expenses during the period from Aug 2005 to Mar 2009.

6.      Number of leaves he had taken during the period from Aug 2005 to Mar 2009, with dates.

4. Details of payment of application fee:

    Non-judicial court fee stamp of Rs.10/- is affixed herein as fee.



Yours Faithfully,






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